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The Importance of a Primary Care Provider

There are many good reasons to see a doctor regularly, even when you feel fine.

A primary care doctor can help you stay healthy and can be the first to treat any health problems that arise. 

In addition to care when you’re sick, your primary care doctor helps you maintain your health when you’re well through essential tests and proactive procedures, including:

• Yearly wellness exams

• Immunizations

• Management of chronic diseases

• Preventive health

• Screenings

• Treatment for health issues

A relationship with a primary care doctor can help you detect and manage a wide range of health issues. They can teach you how to lead a healthier lifestyle, provide needed medications and screen for disease.

Research shows that patients who regularly visit their primary care doctor have fewer hospitalizations and emergency visits than those who do not see a primary care doctor.

When you have a medical concern, your primary care provider should be your first call. In many cases, they'll be able to address the problem. If a specialist is needed, your primary care provider will give you a referral and will continue to oversee and coordinate your care.

Make time to find a provider who is a partner in your long-term care, and have regular checkups.

If you are looking for a new primary care provider, visit

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