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SIX Ways to Discourage Burglars

There’s more you can do to discourage burglars than an alarm system when you’re away. Burglars look for easy targets, where they can get in and out quickly. They pick a house and watch it to learn your comings and goings and for signs that you’re gone. So what can you do? Make it harder for burglars.

Smart Phone Security. Make cameras visible and install them in more places than the front door. You can access your security cameras anytime, anywhere and get alerts when visitors are detected. You can store video clips and recorded audio to the cloud.

Neighbors. Meet your neighbors and exchange numbers. Watch their homes when they’re gone and ask them to watch yours for any suspicious activity. Have your neighbor pick up mail, flyers on your door or packages left on your doorstep.

Trash. Burglars look through trash for valuable personal records and through empty boxes to learn about purchases, such as pricey new electronics. Make sure to shred important documents you wouldn’t want them to get ahold of.

Lighting. Motion detector lighting is startling and may discourage a burglar from entering your home. It’s worth it to keep your home well-lit with landscape lighting that illuminates windows, doors and walkways. Use on-off light timers, T.V. flicker simulators and large dog bark recordings to simulate that someone’s at home.

Vehicles. Many burglars break into cars to get addresses and other information. Keep your car and glovebox locked. Don’t leave your garage opener visible. Instead, pair your opener with your smartphone so only you can access your home.

Garage Doors. Make sure to have a secure garage door that is not easily accessible, your local garage door expert will be able to help you determine what steps will lower the possibility for criminal activities. Check each night that your garage door is shut and secured before going to bed, there is nothing more inviting to a criminal than an open garage door. Some newer garage doors now come with a camera or Wi-fi to make sure the door is shut and it can be done from anywhere.

Fall is an in-between season. You’re finishing up your summer maintenance tasks as well as getting your home ready for winter. Here’s an autumn home maintenance tip...

Check and clean your dryer vent, as well as other exhaust vents on the exterior of your home.

While the dryer is running, check that the exhaust is coming out when working properly, it should smell of fresh laundry. If there isn’t much exhaust, check for blockages. You may need a professional. Also vacuum the lint from the hose at the dryer.

Fall is also a great time to change your furnace air filter and to have preventative maintenance (PM’d) done by a certified HVAC specialist before the winter months.

October Quick Tip

Perfect opportunity to change out smoke detector batteries before the season changes, this will help you prevent fires and can even save your life.

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