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Get Your COVID Bivalent Booster and Flu Shot Before the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and no one wants to be sick for them. You can prepare by getting your COVID bivalent booster. The new boosters contain an updated bivalent formula—this means the shot can help boost your immunity against the original coronavirus strain and the newer Omicron variants. Updated boosters provide great protection against the virus and address waning vaccine effectiveness over time.

Getting your seasonal flu shot is a great way to help protect yourself from getting sick. CDC recommends flu shots for people 6 months old and older. You can get a flu shot and COVID shot at the same appointment. Check with your vaccinator to see if they offer flu shots too.

Your body needs time to respond to the vaccines—both flu and COVID—so getting them at least two weeks before an event will give you the best protection.

Visit to find a vaccine near you.

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