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Caregiver Alerts

By Jenesis Lindbo, Independent Living Specialist, Center for Independent Living of Western Wisconsin

As time moves forward, there has been an increase in requests for caregiver alert systems at Center for Independent Living of Western Wisconsin (CILWW). These are a solution for in-home caregivers so they can be alerted when needed. CILWW has a variety of button alert systems and motion alerting systems. Alerting systems like these allow a loved one to push a button and have a sound alert to get the attention of caregivers. A motion sensor system will alert a caregiver when your loved one gets out of bed or leaves the room.

If you would like more information about the types of alerting systems, call CILWW, 715-233-1070 or 800-228-3287 and ask to talk to someone who completes Information and Referral for Independent Living. We are happy to explore your options for this and other technology that can make your caregiver role easier.

There are various services available through the assistive technology program at CILWW as a part of the WisTech Assistive Technology Program. Our agency can provide information on WisTech’s alternative financing options (WisLoan, Telework, and TEPP) per request.

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