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Are Painful Joints Keeping You From Doing What You Love?

Everyone experiences mild pain throughout the body from time to time, but if you’re experiencing chronic hip, knee or shoulder joint pain, it’s a good idea to see a doctor to find out what’s behind yours. 

Osteoarthritis—the gradual wearing down of cartilage in a joint—is the most common culprit of joint pain. It can cause simple activities begin to feel painful. Part of the enjoyment of life is the ability to participate in activities you choose. When aches and pains get in the way of enjoying the things you like to do, it’s important to look for answers.

Most doctors will tell you that, to reduce joint pain, there are several conservative treatments to try before you consider surgery. To reduce your joint pain, you can try modifying your physical activity, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, injections, weight loss, and supplements.

After experimenting with some of these conservative treatment options, you may become a candidate for joint replacement surgery, a procedure performed by an orthopedic surgeon to remove the original joint and replace it with an artificial joint. This used to be a more complex procedure that kept you overnight in the hospital, but nowadays, some patients can go home the same day.  

Timely and effective treatment can reduce the risk of further damage to your joints and dismiss the possibility of a more serious condition. Our orthopedic surgeons work to keep patients moving and enjoy the activities they love most.

If you’re experiencing hip, knee or shoulder pain, talk to an orthopedic specialist or your primary care doctor. If you need help finding a doctor, visit or call (888) 396-3729.

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