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Veteran Memorials Throughout the Chippewa Valley

At Johnson Monument we have been helping local communities and individual families honor area veterans since 1917. One of the most rewarding ways we help memorialize veterans is thru the dozens of civic projects we have completed. There are several within 60 minutes of Chippewa Falls that a person could go visit.

In 2019 and 2020 we worked with the Ridgeland America Legion Auxiliary Unit to complete the Ridgeland Veterans Memorial. The project consisted of 3 large jet black granite tablets with bronze medallions for each branch of the military and sand-blasted designs of the American flag and Purple Heart. Also included in the memorial are several granite benches and two walls that commemorate area individuals who served in the military. This memorial is located on the north side of Ridgeland along Hwy 25 and Cty Rd AA.

Another memorable project that we completed in 2006 is the Bloomer Veterans Memorial. There are several parts to this vast veteran's memorial. First, there are five jet black granite tablets, engraved with veterans' names and conflicts, all set on matching granite bases. These tablets are each 8 feet long x 5 feet tall. The Bloomer Veterans Memorial also honors those captured, missing or killed in action with a POW * MIA * KIA monument. The concrete core of this 6-sided monument is faced with black granite engraved with the names and conflicts of the veterans who sacrificed their lives for their country. On top of the monument is the bronze "Fallen Soldier" rifle/helmet sculpture. Three engraved jet black granite curved-seat benches face the POW * MIA * KIA monument. Throughout the memorial, you will find engraved granite benches and over 1800 granite pavers covering the floor of the tribute. The Bloomer Veteran's Memorial was commissioned by the Bloomer Visitor Center and Veteran's Committee and is located along HWY 40 on the north side of Bloomer.

A project that’s a very visible part of Chippewa County along HWY 29 and HWY 27 in Cadott is the Citizen Soldier Monument which was an addition to the Cadott Veteran's Tribute. This monument was created to honor the Citizen Soldiers who showed courage and strength on 9/11, including all of the firefighters, EMT's, police officers, nurses, doctors, and everyone else who came to the aid of those in need. This multi-sided monument is over 14 feet long and 10 feet high. Each side of the massive monument is hand-etched with scenes from some of 9/11's most poignant moments. Topping the monument is an eternal flame which burns 365 days a year.

We take pride in our communities and our neighbors. It is an honor to be able to create civic memorials, like Ridgeland, Bloomer and Cadott to recognize the service of our veterans. We also have many ways we can work with individual families to commemorate a loved one’s service to our country. At Johnson Monument we don't write your story, we help future generations remember your story.

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