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The Power of Endowment

By Denna Grangaard - Communications and Donor Services Manager, Community Foundation of Chippewa County

The Community Foundation of Chippewa County makes charitable contributions go farther and have a greater impact. This nationally accredited nonprofit manages endowment funds to create permanent charitable capital that forever benefits the people and services of Chippewa County. 

People who establish endowment funds are visionaries with a charitable intent. These individuals, families, or organizations seek out the Community Foundation to make their gift a permanent source of capital that will persistently meet community needs.

First, talk to the Community Foundation about a charitable passion for which you care deeply. They will help you form a clear picture of possibilities. Then, when ready, they will coordinate activities with your financial and/or legal team to appropriately transfer assets. Gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets can be used to create your endowment fund. Most charitable gifts qualify for maximum tax advantages under federal law. 

Once you are a fundholder, your endowment will be administrated by the Community Foundation of Chippewa County. Your fund is wisely invested to increase its giving power far beyond what one-time gifts can offer. The fund earnings are distributed in the form of community grants that serve your charitable intent now and for generations to come. 

You are empowered to plan your own charitable legacy. Contact Jill Herriges, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Chippewa County, at 715-723-8125 or

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