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That's a Good Question

QUESTION: Will I Lose My Wisconsin Benefits in January?

ANSWER: The short answer: No.

The long answer: If you were already eligible for or became eligible for Wisconsin benefits (SeniorCare, Medicaid, Medicare Savings Programs, or FoodShare) after March 2020, your benefits have been extended throughout the Federal Public Health Emergency – which remains ongoing. This means that even if you became ineligible for any of these programs after March 2020, your benefits have continued.

Many people are concerned that their benefits will be terminated at the end of 2021, or later without warning. This is not the case. Once the Public Health Emergency has ended, which it has not yet, you will receive notice in the mail and be given time to complete a renewal before there is even a possibility of loss of benefits.

What you can do now:

1. Report changes. If there have been any changes to your household status, income, or other changes since March 2020, you should contact your local Income Maintenance Consortium and provide these updates. This will make it easier to complete renewals when the Public Health Emergency does ultimately end.

2. Update your address. Make sure your Income Maintenance Consortium has your updated address. If you have moved residences at all since March 2020, you may miss your notice of renewal or benefits termination if it ends up being sent to a different address.

3. Read your mail. Make sure to open all of your mail and carefully read any notices about Medicaid or other Public benefits. Respond timely if requested.

Individuals residing in the following counties are part of the Great Rivers Income Maintenance Consortium: Barron, Burnett, Chippewa, Douglas, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pierce, Polk, Saint Croix, and Washburn. Great Rivers Consortium Phone: 1-888-283-0012

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