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Managing Holiday Stress

By Carly Hanney – The Landing Director of Operations

The holidays are thought of as the most wonderful time of year, but that does not mean that they are free from stress and overwhelm. For those who have often found themselves in the role of “magic maker” for others during this season, it can be especially important to recognize when everything is just getting to be too much. Here are some tips that may help you enjoy more of the memories made during the holidays, without allowing burnout to set in.

1. Honor traditions, while embracing change.

Holiday traditions can play an important role in connecting families and friends, and certainly have their place if they continue to serve the needs of those involved. However, if particular traditions make it harder to pause and be present with loved ones, consider making tweaks to accommodate those changing needs.

2. Be realistic.

Your time is valuable, and so is your budget. If you are finding yourself saying yes, when you would really prefer to say no, take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself what really matters – does this person really care about receiving a more expensive gift, or is what they really want just to spend time with you? Is going to another holiday party going to fill your cup, or make you feel worn out? Only you can answer those questions, but try not to let unrealistic expectations rule the day!

3. Reach out to others.

Many people find that the holidays bring up feelings of grief and loss, and may even feel guilty for feeling that way during a time that “should” be festive and fun. Remember that you are not alone – lots of people are experiencing similar feelings. Whether you reach out to a friend or family member, or connect with a church or community group, find ways to connect with others. If you are worried about facing the holidays alone, look for places in the community that offer a meal, or an opportunity to gather. This year, The Landing at the Woodson YMCA will be offering a Christmas Eve brunch as an opportunity to celebrate the holiday together. Call 715-841-1855 for more information.

Take steps to manage holiday stress before it sets in. Make a plan that allows time to rest and be present. With the right approach, you can enjoy a more peaceful and joyous holiday season!

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