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Let’s Take a Look at the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Submitted by Lori Miller, Member, League of Women Voters-Greater Chippewa Valley - 715-285-5659

On April 4, Wisconsin voters will go to the polls for the spring general election. Depending on where you live, your ballot could include candidates for municipal or county offices, school board positions, or resolutions. However, candidates for one state-level position – a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice – and two amendments (one constitutional and one advisory) will appear on every ballot across the state.

The general election for the open Wisconsin Supreme Court seat has high stakes, potentially affecting the Court's decisions on a wide range of important issues, and is getting much media attention. Don’t know much about our state’s highest court? This fact sheet will give you a quick review.

Make sure you are registered to vote in Wisconsin, either by contacting your municipal clerk or by checking on If you aren’t registered, you can register now, either on-line at or by mail (each through March 15) or in-person at your municipal clerk’s office (through March 31). You must provide a proof of residence. You can also register at the polls on election day; in that case, be sure to bring a proof of residence and a proof of identification.

Other deadlines for the April 4 election:

  • Requesting an absentee ballot by mail, online, email, and fax: Now through March 31. However, the League of Women Voters-Greater Chippewa Valley (LWV-GCV) recommends making your request as early as possible and no later than March 21. You must submit a photo ID, if one is not already on file at your municipal clerk’s office. Your municipal clerk will mail absentee ballots starting on March 14 to voters who have valid requests on file.

  • Voting your absentee ballot: In-person at your municipal clerk’s office between March 21-March 31; contact your municipal clerk to verify times and dates. Mail: Return your completed ballot as soon as possible, so that your municipal clerk receives your ballot by 8 pm on April 4. Or return your ballot in-person at the polls on election day.

  • Sample ballots: Start checking on March 14 to see your sample ballot. In Wisconsin, sample ballots are posted three weeks before an election that includes only state and local offices and seven weeks before elections that include federal offices.

For more information about voting in Wisconsin, please contact your municipal clerk or visit the websites for LWV-GCV ( or

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