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Fiber Grasp Hominid X

CILWW is featuring the Fiber Grasp Hominid X tool. This versatile grasping device is specifically designed for individuals who may have hand weakness or paralysis. It is recommended for those who have range of motion in their shoulder and elbow but lack strength in their hands. The Fiber Grasping tool is intended to assist with everyday tasks, hobbies, and personal care needs. It is capable of securely grasping objects up to the weight of a 1.5L water bottle. 

This wearable device can be easily adjusted to accommodate various hand sizes. The design functions as a supportive frame around the user's hand, aiding in the natural closure around objects. The Fiber Grasp utilizes spring-loaded cable mechanisms instead of costly electronic components, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to other high-end devices. 

This product is exclusively available for purchase online through Hominid X at a retail price of $99.00.

CILWW offers the opportunity for individuals to borrow or try out items mentioned in our articles before making a purchase. To learn more about this assistive device or other devices that can improve your independence, please contact CILWW at 715-233-1070 or 800-228-3287. Our services are provided free of charge. However, we do not directly fund the purchase of assistive technology. Through the WisTech Assistive Technology Program, CILWW provides a variety of services, including information on alternative financing options like WisLoan, Telework, and TEPP, upon request.

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