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Benefits and Services Available to Veterans

Veterans Day is a special day set aside every November 11th to honor and thank our living veterans who served so bravely. According to, this Federal Holiday was once known as ‘Armistice Day’, commemorating the end of World War I in 1918, and honored all WWI veterans. In 1954, legislation passed to rename it Veterans Day and honor all veterans of all eras.

During this month of November, we want to especially reach out and thank all veterans in our community. Thank you to the brave men and women who have served in defense of our state and nation. Thank you for our freedoms we have today.

Additionally, we want to ensure that all veterans know about benefits and services that are available to them because of their sacrifices. Spouses of veterans, surviving spouses of veterans, and Gold Star Parents may also be eligible for benefits through the VA. Even if you haven’t applied for benefits or programs in the past, it may not be too late! There are many different types of services and benefits too numerous to list fully here, but some of the benefits and services may include:

  • Service Connected Disability Compensation for injuries that occurred or were aggravated through military service that are still affecting you today

  • Healthcare through the Veterans Administration Medical Centers in Minneapolis or Tomah, and through the Outreach Clinics in La Crosse or Chippewa Falls

  • VA Pension for supplemental income for low-income wartime veterans or their families

  • WI Aid Grants for Dental, Vision and Hearing care

  • State Veterans Homes for qualified veterans, their spouses/surviving spouses, and Gold Star Parents needing 24-hour skilled nursing care

  • Home health services for those needing more care in their homes

  • Adult Day Care for veterans in need of supervision/care while their caregiver is away

  • Hospice care provided in a VA contracted skilled nursing home

  • Veteran Housing and Recovery Program for homeless veterans

  • Assistance in obtaining military medals and ribbons

  • Assistance in retrieving military/personnel records and discharges

  • Information on the Honor Flights to see the National Memorials in Washington, DC

  • Information on Veteran Cemeteries and coordination of burial benefits and Military Funeral Honors

For more information, please reach out to your Chippewa County Veteran Service Office at 715.726.7990 to set up an appointment to learn about benefits for which you may be eligible. If you are interested in the Wisconsin Veterans Home at Chippewa Falls, Please contact Katie Plendl, Admissions Director, at 715.720.6775 to inquire about eligibility requirements, waiting list, and application processes.

“There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.” Alexander Hamilton

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