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Assistive Technology Steady Spoon


It can be highly frustrating to have these essentials but be physically incapable of performing them. Reliance on others to carry out one’s basic daily tasks, life becomes challenging. 

However, the Center for Independent Living of Western Wisconsin (CILWW) is here to help you maintain as much independence as possible in your everyday life.  One such activity that we can help with is one of everyone’s basic needs:  EATING!

Many individuals face difficulties due to tremors, weak muscles, or limited dexterity. These obstacles can stem from various health conditions.

The Steady Spoon is an adaptive utensil that stabilizes your spoon while you eat. It features a unique design that empowers individuals who usually struggle to feed themselves, fostering INDEPENDENCE. The spoon incorporates built-in counterweights to ensure the spoon remains level regardless of arm position or tremor intensity. The handle facilitates use without requiring a strong grip, thanks to the hook and loop strap connection.

Before making a purchase, the Steady Spoon is available for loan through CILWW's loan program. Alternatively, it can be bought online from multiple retailers, such as the Rehab Store, Health Products for You, and Performance Health websites, to name a few. The purchase price for the Steady Spoon ranges from $35 to $60, depending on the chosen retailer.

If you desire more information on the Steady Spoon or any other assistive technology devices that could enhance your independence, please contact CILWW at 715-233-1070 or 800-228-3287. 

CILWW provides services at no cost to individuals. Although CILWW isn't a funding source for purchasing assistive technology, we can lend you the equipment before buying it to ensure it caters to your needs properly. 

The assistive technology program at CILWW offers various services as part of the WisTech Assistive Technology Program. Upon request, our agency can provide information on WisTech's alternative financing options, including WisLoan, Telework, and TEPP.

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